Democratic World Parliament   through a global referendum

Twigg Podcast

TWIGG is a weekly podcast produced by Vote World Parliament board member Brian Coughlan. The broadcast deals with the subject of Global Governance.

The world faces a number of very serious issues in the coming decades like climate change, ecological harm, water shortages, and peak oil to name just a few. All of these issues are sources of potential conflict and any one of them, or a combination, could result in global catastrophe. In the worst case scenarios leading to the extinction of human life on Earth.

The weekly podcast discusses climate change, global referenda, war crimes, the international criminal court, the UN, regional and global parliaments, local injustice, the absurdity of nationalism, the evolution of human collective decision making from the family to the tribe, the city state, the region, the nation, the supranational region and finally the World – an inviting coffee-side chat about the things which really should matter most.

You can hear the latest podcast, as well as have access to the podcast archive – HERE.

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