Democratic World Parliament   through a global referendum


“The Mission of the World Alliance for Transforming the United Nations is to urge and promote a Review of the UN Charter as a first step in reforming or transforming the United Nations, starting with a UN Parliamentary Assembly and moving towards a World Parliament that truly represents the people, including via nation-states and world civil society. We’ll work for the establishment of an effective system of global governance that is able to deal adequately with such global issues as peace and security, disarmament, sustainable development, adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international law, and the protection and restoration of the natural environment. It should be based on the principles of justice, freedom, democracy, rule of law, equity, self-determination, mutual cultural respect and religious diversity, international fellowship and cooperation.”

In December of 2009, WATUN endorsed the global referendum on the creation of a democratic world parliament, and now pursues this goal as a primary program.

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