Democratic World Parliament

through a global referendum

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1) Vote “YES” or “NO”

on whether you want a democratic world parliament (Click here or on “VWP Information” above if you want more information).


2) Register as a voter

This is necessary so that no one can vote more than once. Only your first name and your country go onto the site in the Public Record link. You can vote without even stating your province or state. (Click here for privacy policy.)

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3) Submit your vote

If you have checked “Yes” or “No” at the top of the ballot and filled out the required information, click “Submit Vote”.

World Democracy through a global referendum

Vote now in the global referendum on world democracy

Do you support the creation of a directly-elected, representative, transparent, and democratic world parliament that is authorized by the human race to legislate on global issues?

Current Voting Statistics

As of Thu - Jun 06 - 2024, 22,392 people have voted. So far, the votes are 95.32% in favor of creating a democratic world parliament.

22,082 votes have been collected from here.

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We can outlaw war!

All human conflicts can be worked out through law. We can live as easily and comfortably under world law as the overwhelming majority of people now live under national, provincial and municipal law.

Lower taxes globally

“Collective security” will cost you far less than financing your nation’s defense against all other countries. Imagine if your city or town had to hire, train and equip a military force in case a nearby city or town invaded! We have “collective security” within our nations; now we need it among all nations.

Solutions for global problems!

With a globally enforced peace, we can actually defeat hunger and poverty, get serious about everyone’s human rights, deal with the effects of global warming, encourage freedom and democracy everywhere, and build a truly sustainable future for our planet.

ai and Future of Humanity

Nationalism vs Globalism

Quotes Supporting the Mission of Vote World Parliament

Who, What, When and Why of Vote World Parliament


We need at least 1.68 billion “YES” votes to prevail, and we can get them in a few years if we all help bring in votes. Tell everyone you know to go to our site and vote. If you share in the vision of  a world democracy, please visit the Volunteer link under the You Can Help menu above.

The organization sponsoring the global referendum is Vote World Parliament, registered as a non-profit in Quebec, Canada (registered in law as “VWG.org”). We are not affiliated with any political party, religion or ideology.