Short Summary

Short Summary

Short summary of how we can create a democratic world parliament

1. Within any nation or province or city, the fundamental choice is between government (the rule of law) and anarchy (the “law of the jungle,” or “might makes right”).

2. While no government is perfect, serious people reject anarchy.

3. Governments are either democratic or dictatorial, and given a real voice in the matter, people will choose democracy, overwhelmingly.

These three statements are also true for the world as a whole. Without a world parliament to make “world law,” nations will continue to make war, and terrorists will continue to kill innocent civilians for political gain. With nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the mix, a World War III may well destroy all life on Earth. As well, we face an immediate global warming crisis. Most people already know about these dangers, but they incorrectly think they are helpless to change anything on the world stage.

The United Nations is a gathering place of national governments. It is not, and can never become, the democratic and accountable world parliament that we need. We believe that by using the Internet, we can conduct a global referendum—or at least kick-start the process—and obtain a strong global mandate from the entire human race in favor of the creation of a directly-elected world parliament that would be empowered to repair the environment and resolve all international conflicts with world law. The real test will be whether such a global mandate would be legally binding on national governments. Our research says it will, and we believe that this is what it will take if future generations are to live their lives without experiencing an environmental collapse or war. We have to create the conditions under which humans (and other species) can survive and thrive for millions of years into the future, and now we know how to do it.

To learn more, visit the Vote World Parliament web site.