Who We Are

Who We Are


The Directors of Vote World Parliament are presented here
in the order in which they became involved.

Jim Stark was born in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) in 1943. He graduated from Laurentian University in 1967. In 1977, Jim founded Operation Dismantle, a nuclear disarmament organization, where he served as President and CEO until 1985 (see Cold War Blues or The Canadian Encyclopedia). In the next several decades, he and his wife Earleen owned and operated a small business called Life Profiles, taping or writing the life stories of seniors (for their children and families). In 2004, Jim founded the non-profit NGO Vote World Parliament (or VWP) and has served on the Board ever since. Jim has written ten books, both fiction and non-fiction (available on Amazon), including the guide on the VWP initiative, entitled WORLD DEMOCRACY through a Global Referendum. Jim and Earleen were married in 1999. He has one daughter, Avril Foster, and two grandsons, Will and Miles.

Earleen Devine was born in Shawville, Québec (Canada), in 1953. She received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in art history and criticism from Western University in London, Ontario in 1981. In addition to working for Life Profiles, Earleen has completed four of her own books, Second Breath and Skeleton Dance (both fiction), Aphrodite’s Touch (poetry) and For Richer for Poorer (her parents’ life story). Earleen’s primary responsibilities in Vote World Parliament are that of a researcher, proofreader and administrative assistant. She is the mother of a daughter, Thea Gregory, and a son, Martin Gregory, and lives in Shawville, Quebec.

Ted Stalets was born in Pana, Illinois (USA) in 1952. He received a master’s degree in mass communications from the University of Illinois before spending a corporate career with Baldwin Piano Company. From the time of his first Radio Shack TRS80 computer in the late 1970s, he has developed a deep respect for the evolving computer revolution and, more recently, the internet revolution. An avid futurist, Ted has developed several hundred websites featuring various emerging technologies geared toward the non-technical person. He served as literary agent for the first edition of Rescue Plan for Planet Earth (since rewritten and retitled World Democracy through a Global Referendum). He also developed a portable “voting booth” for the global referendum initiative, allowing the active ballot located on our home page to be multiplied many times over throughout the internet. In 2018, Ted became President of Vote World Parliament. He now lives in Cascais, Portugal.