Allies Listing

Allies Listing


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Organizations – Officially Endorsing the Referendum


Brief Summary

Vote World Parliament

The originating organization for the world referendum. Vote World Parliament (the organization’s name was changed in 2009 from Vote World Government) is conducting this initiative by way of the Internet. The accompanying book written by Vote World Parliament president Jim Stark entitled Rescue Plan for Planet Earth – Democratic World Government through a Global Referendum – became available in
the fall of 2008.


The Next Global change due to take place – One humanity one global country. MOGICDADE is to accelerate that change in a peaceful manner by way of spreading the awareness on this issue.

Democratic World

The goals of world federalists are the abolition of war and crimes against humanity, the promotion of a just world community through the development of enforceable world law, and the preservation of a livable and healthful global environment. Achievement of those goals require the establishment of a democratic federal world government with powers adequate to: keep the peace, protect individual human rights, assist in the promotion of a just world community, and prevent environmental degradation and depletion of resources essential to human life.

Municipal Council of Shawville Québec, Canada

Municipal Council

Municipal Council of Alleyn-Cawood, Québec, Canada

Municipal Council

Deep River Rotary Club

The first of what we hope to be many Rotary Clubs to support Vote World Parliament.

Authors’ Campaign for Democratic World Parliament

Currently 120+ authors have agreed to set aside their philosophical differences in order to encourage the holding of a global referendum on the general goal of a democratic world parliament. Below are links for the May 13, 2009 press release announcing the Authors’ Campaign, as well as the letter that is being sent, co-signed by the authors, to thousands and eventually tens of thousands of NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), soliciting their support for the online global referendum for a democratic world parliament.


“The Mission of the World Alliance for Transforming the United Nations is to urge and promote a Review of the UN Charter as a first step in reforming or transforming the United Nations, starting with a UN Parliamentary Assembly and moving towards a World Parliament that truly represents the people, including via nation-states and world civil society. We’ll work for the establishment of an effective system of global governance that is able to deal adequately with such global issues as peace and security, disarmament, sustainable development, adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international law, and the protection and restoration of the natural environment. It should be based on the principles of justice, freedom, democracy, rule of law, equity, self-determination, mutual cultural respect and religious diversity, international fellowship and cooperation.”

Gram Bharati Samiti

Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS) or Society for Rural Development, is an Indian non-governmental organisation working in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan with the aim of “establishing a society based on humanitarian, democratic values and ecologically balanced habitat”. Gram Bharati Samiti was founded in 1984, and registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act. In 1991 it became the first organisation in Rajasthan to recognise and react to the growing problem of HIV/AIDs among the population. GBS is exempt from Income Tax under the Income Tax Act 1961 of India. It has been accredited by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) process and also enjoys special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESOC).

The Global Trust

We are a group of people wedded to the idea of one world. Our trust was registered on 23/02/1996 under The Trust Act. The aim of of The Global Trust is:

1. To see entire world united under one Government of talented people of world. Wide pool of resources will be available for selection.

2. Common currency, common flag , Common citizenship, no passport, no visa, no entry restriction, free movement of people from one corner of world to another corner.

3. Scaling down of military: If the above dream is materialized, the military defense, R & D organizations, Arms, ammunition factories, will all become redundant. Huge capital & vast human resources, technically highly qualified, will be spared. This Capital can be diverted to other pressing & burning problems of education, health, hunger, sanitation, alternative energy, alternate fuel etc.

4. World without criminals & terrorists.


Other Global Democracy Initiatives


Brief Summary

Coalition for
Democratic World Government

A coalition of organizations working in various ways toward a civilized system of world law. World Law Enforcement to* Ban weapons of mass destruction,

* Protect the Earth’s environment,

* Prevent/stop international military aggression,

* Uphold basic human rights,

* Help eliminate poverty and hunger worldwide.

Global Vote, The

GlobalVote connects the 192 member states of the UN to discuss and vote on global issues. Resolutions from the UN, the G8, and the World Bank, along with polls based on current events, will be posted on our website, , and the 192 member states (with 100
representative parliament members per country), vote to come to a consensus. Voting is not limited to anyone — our only requirement is access to the Internet.

World Parliament Experiment, The

The World Parliament Experiment (WPE) is not just against the current world order, it is a positive vision of a fully democratic world, in which everybody will take part and have a say. This is why the WPE is YOUR democracy. It is your forum to vote, to elect, to express your opinions, and be elected as a representative! The WPE allows political activity on the national and the local level: It is linked to national democracy experiments and it includes regional forums.


Synthesis is an organization dedicated to augmenting international order through the formation and maintenance of international humanitarian organizations with supranational authority to bring order to the international system of anarchy. Synthesis protects, organizes, and serves NGOs and other non-state organizations by connecting them in mutually beneficial relationships because it recognizes that these formations truly have a loyalty to the human condition and are thus the basis for any supranational formation.


The greatest barrier to solving our global environmental, economic and social problems is destructive competition between nations to attract capital and jobs, harming society and the environment around the world. Simpol (short for Simultaneous Policy) offers a simultaneous solution and outlines a bottom-up political campaign that transcends party politics and offers citizens a way to use their votes to save the planet.

Building Global Democracy

The Building Global Democracy Programme explores how “rule by and for the people” can be understood and practised in relation to global issues. Launched in 2008, BGD links up academic researchers, civil society activists, entrepreneurs, journalists and officials from all world regions.
The BGD approach is interregional, intercultural, interdisciplinary and ideologically pluralist. Five BGD projects are planned through 2012.


On our website there is a plan to eliminate war forever including:
* An alternative more civilised procedure for countries to resolve their differences other than war.
* How this new procedure could be written into International law and how the law could be policed.
* A detailed plan as to how we can stop existing wars.
* How the money saved on a mere 10% reduction of military expenditure worldwide could be diverted to solve the other problems the World faces like poverty, climate change, disease and the recent financial meltdown.