Your Privacy

Your Privacy

In order to complete the Democratic World Parliament global referendum, Vote World Parliament collects personal information in the form of registration data. We value the security of your personal information.

For statistical purposes, only your given name, country, and vote will be displayed on our public information. For the purpose of preventing duplicate votes and frivolous votes, other entered information is stored securely. We strive to safeguard all identifying information that is saved by our system by placing it under the strongest security available. Your personal information is viewable only by active members of the Vote World Parliament board. It is our promise that no information will be divulged to unauthorized persons or organizations. No information will be sold or traded for any purpose.

Vote World Parliament does not condone the use of any form of Spam. Unless you have specifically requested to receive information via email, email will not be sent to you at any time with the exception of email requesting clarification of erroneous information. The only other exception would be as a result of a unanimous decision of our Board of Directors to contact some or all of our voters by email one time as a result of a truly “critical” situation.

All monetary transactions taking place through Vote World Parliament are received by the parent non-profit organization, VWG.ORG. Monetary transactions are handled using third party secure servers (

Questions regarding our privacy policy may be made using our CONTACT PAGE or may be addressed to:

Vote World Parliament
Box 1102
Shawville, QC
CanadaJ0X 2Y0