The vote count is the main thing that will get the world where we need it to go. If you want to help, be a vote collector, one way or another.


1 Print off a Vote Collector Form (there are 4 ballots per printed page). Use the paper ballots to get your family and friends to vote. (You must accurately input the data from these paper ballots later.)

Bring others to your computer, show them the active ballot on democratic world parliament at https://www.voteworldparliament.org and help them vote (if they need help). Remember, 4 out of 5 people on Earth don’t have a computer with Internet access.

Email everyone on your list and ask them to go to https://www.VoteWorldParliament.org and vote, and ask them to then get others to vote by emailing everyone on their list of contacts.

4 Try the “fast track” approach (also called the “chain voting” approach). Click here for the fast track.

Conduct a referendum for a school or university that you are involved with. Students at City Montessori School (a high school in Lucknow, India) collected 7,073 votes at the school and by canvassing their friends and neighbors, and 90% of the ballots were “yes” votes. To see a “How To” guide, click on Student Referendum Program.

Conduct a referendum for a group that you are involved with (a club, sports team, church, mosque, temple, office, union, etc.). The “How To” guide mentioned in item #5 could also apply to these other groups.)

Mail or hand out paper ballots to people (click on paper ballot) and ask them to fill them in and send them back to you (to input onto out site).

Print out the short summary, which is the same as a small poster, and either post them (where posting is allowed) or give them to people to read.

Print out some VWP cards (10 per printed page), cut them out with scissors, and hand them out and/or post them (where posting is allowed). Click here to see the cards.

10 Print out some copies of the short article (2 pages) and hand them out and/or post them (where posting is allowed). Click here for the short article.

11 Buy a copy of the VWP book, Rescue Plan for Planet Earth. To read 3 chapters free, click here. To order online, click the Books Page. If you can afford to buy more copies, you could donate them to school or public libraries in your area, or give them to friends or relatives as birthday presents.

12 Start a branch or chapter of Vote World Parliament in your area, with a few friends or family, and do some local events that can advance our mission. (NOTE: If you do local fundraising events to help you do your programs, 50% of money raised should be sent to Vote World Parliament headquarters through the donate link on the site. The office is in need of all the financial help we can get to carry on our work on the world stage.)

13 Collect endorsements from your municipal government, from national politicians, service clubs, churches, unions, sports figures, entertainers, worker units, companies from anywhere you can get them, and tell people that their support will help, and will be posted on the Internet for all to see. Click the page – Allies – to see how this aspect of our program is set up. It may be a minor event now, but when we succeed, those people or groups who supported our goal and our approach will be very happy that they did so, and proud of that decision.

14 Call newspaper, radio and TV reporters and ask them to do a story on this new approach to world peace. If you are not comfortable as the interviewee (the person who is being interviewed), reporters can call our office (our number in Shawville, QC, Canada is 1-819-647-6113) and we will answer any questions they may have.