Draft UN Resolution

Draft UN Resolution

Draft United Nations Resolution

for a

Global Referendum

on a

Democratic World Parliament

EXPRESSING deep concern over the danger of nuclear war and the danger that WMD (weapons of mass destruction) may be used by non-national groups, either of which could imperil the existence of life on Earth,

MINDFUL of the profound problems (climate change, HIV/AIDS, etc.) that persist and worsen for lack of resources while more than one trillion (1,000 billion) dollars are spent on armaments every year,

BEARING IN MIND that all nations and all people need genuine security in the age of “overkill” weapons, and that real security is now possible only through the establishment of an effective and widely supported world authority,

AFFIRMING the interest of all individuals in expressing their preferences on a matter as fundamental as the survival of humankind, and indeed asserting a human right on the part of all adults to participate meaningfully in such a basic choice,

RESPECTING the principle of subsidiarity, whereby issues are handled by the lowest appropriate level of government, thus leaving national politics to national governments, local politics to municipal governments, and so on,

REALIZING that people of every background would be inclined to support the creation of a directly-elected world parliament that is authorized by the human race to adopt and enforce legislation on such supranational issues as security, justice, peace, and the protection of the shared natural environment,

RECALLING that Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government [and that] this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which … shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures,”

KNOWING that because the will of the people is the basis of all political power and authority, a clear expression of that will in a mandate emerging from a successful global referendum must be given effect to by all national governments,

ACCEPTING that the principle above finds strong support in the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States and the Protection of their Independence and Sovereignty, whose Preamble states that: “… all peoples have an inalienable right to … the exercise of their sovereignty … and that, by virtue of that right, they freely determine their political status,” which status may include “citizen of Earth” in addition to one’s citizenship in a nation, province or city,

REALIZING that a substantial mandate from the people of all nations would provide an irresistible legal and political base of support for the eventual achievement of a world of cooperation, co-existence and civil governance,

DETERMINED to provide to all adult human beings the opportunity to formally express their views on this hopeful concept,

1. RESOLVES to seek the unanimous agreement of all Member States to a brief and simple expression of the goal of a Democratic World Parliament;

2. DECIDES to use this brief expression as the wording on the ballot in a Global Referendum on establishing a Democratic World Parliament;

3. CALLS UPON each Member Nation to voluntarily collect its “national component” of the Global Referendum before January 1, 2020;

4. ENCOURAGES each Member Nation to seek full and open debate of all sides of the issue prior to holding the vote among its national population;

5. DETERMINES that no one may cast a ballot before having attained the age of sixteen;

6. RESOLVES that the collection of each “national component” of the Global Referendum must be accompanied by United Nations supervision to ensure the fairness of the voting procedures; and

7. DECIDES to form a committee to study the proposal for a Global Referendum on the creation of a Democratic World Parliament, and report back to the next Session of the General Assembly.

* * * * * * * * * *

Vote World Parliament’s suggested ballot wording:

Do you support the creation of a directly-elected, representative, transparent, and democratic world parliament that is authorized by the human race to legislate on global issues?